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Terror plus Knuckledust, Redemption Denied, Risk It! and Broken Teeth
Venue: Camden Underworld
Date: 15th March 2015

It may have been Mother’s Day, but who cares? Terror were back in town for a one-off UK show on their European tour. Being their most intimate show over here for a few years, this was always going to be crazy.

Manchester heavyweights Broken Teeth kicked off the evening with a bang, opening their set with ‘My Law’ from their split EP with The Mongoloids and straight away there was moshing and plenty of 2-step action. Following that was fan favourite ‘The Seeker’ and pit scenes just got nastier, with plenty more people involved, incredible scenes from the get go. Broken Teeth never let up as they threw some of the best riffs in UK hardcore with a ferocious energy. Never a disappointing set from the lads.

Next up were Risk It! from Holland showing that you can still have fun in hardcore. I have never seen a hardcore set full of so many smiling faces from band members and fans in the crowd; such high energy and great vibes from everyone. A fantastic set and with such a great response, there is no doubt that Risk It! will be back.

Redemption Denied took to the stage with a different approach – the Belgian bruisers gave us the most violent set of the evening with so much anger in their music which flowed through the crowd and caused brutal scenes of moshing, arm flailing, spin kicks and crowdkilling. They were as heavy as Broken Teeth, if not heavier and it was a case of if you don’t want to get hurt then get out of the way.

The floor space of The Underworld packed out even more as twice as many people turned up to see London hardcore veterans Knuckledust tear apart their hometown venue. Instantly the crowd was rowdy and jumping off the stage and on to each other. Rowdy is not a good enough word for their attitude as they brought an even bigger party to the show, it is no wonder Terror demanded that Knuckledust were on the bill for this show. There was one altercation between vocalist Pelbu and a crowd member however this was brushed off with more crushing riffs and good old British grit. They may be the longest going band by a long shot but they haven’t lost their edge in the slightest.

Finally Terror hit the stage and vocalist Scott Vogel came on jumping around like he was a big kid in a candy store, smiling and cheering with the crowd. At this point the floor was packed with little room to move but that doesn’t mean that the fans don’t try. The scenes were like that of an old school hardcore show, the kind of chaos that you usually see in clips from documentaries full of angry dancing and people jumping off anything they can.

I’ve been to a lot of hardcore shows but this was definitely the craziest I have witnessed. The layout of the venue must have helped as the occasional fan dived off a balcony onto anyone that would catch them. Health and safety was completely thrown out of the window but that was expected as Terror demanded more energy and more people to jump on eachother’s heads. Fans would expect no less from one of the biggest bands in the scene. To end the set Terror smashed through the calling card song ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ from the album of the same name and not a single fan wasn’t shouting along to this absolute anthem.

In the words of Vogel, “we are not a rock band, we don’t do encores, that was a perfect end to a perfect set” and he was not wrong. It was a perfect night to show that hardcore is as strong as ever in the UK.