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Have a listen to: "The Solution" and "Bad Signs"

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Terror – The 25th Hour

Release Date: 7th August 2015
Century Media Records

Hardcore legends Terror are back doing what they do best, providing energetic angst-ridden songs for us to lose our shit to. Over the years the Los Angeles 5-piece has dominated the hardcore scene with their ‘balls to the wall’ attitude, now Terror are taking us back to their hardcore roots approach with ‘The 25th Hour‘.

In many ways ‘The 25th Hour‘ is exactly how you expect; with Scott Vogel spitting his rage for us all to hear, on top of some of the sickest riffs and grooves in hardcore. Where this new release differs is that it’s darker than its predecessors in terms of attitude and song writing. Also without Chad Gilbert on production, the album sounds rather unpolished in places, but that works in favour for the gritty sound that Terror deliver.

One thing that has stuck out on Terror albums over the years is that they are all full of pure hardcore anthems like ‘Always The Hard Way‘ and ‘Keepers Of The Faith‘ –  whether they are designed for that or not is the question for a later time, and ‘The 25th Hour‘ is no different. Songs like ‘No Time For Fools‘ and ‘Why?‘ contain the simply written, rage filled lyrics that are repeated over in quick succession, enough to become imprinted in your head.

While the majority of this album sounds the same as every other Terror album, there are a couple of tracks that stick out like a sore thumb, adding in unexpected influences, though influences that fit in perfectly with the rest of the album. I’m talking about the beatdown style chorus in ‘The Solution‘, which contains angry doomy chugs accompanying the words “VIOLENCE SOLVING EVERYTHING” – at that moment you can imagine the pits becoming an absolute warzone. On the flipside ‘Sick And Tired‘ sounds like it could have been written by former street-punk/hardcore outfit Rotting Out.

The 25th Hour‘ is pretty much everything you expect from the L.A bruisers. No bullshit, just simple music full of energy, anger and an open invitation to cause chaos in live crowds. The only downside is that this album is only 22 minutes long – the shortest of Terror albums so far – although what do you expect when most of the songs are less than a couple of minutes long!


For Fans of: Hatebreed, Lionheart, Madball