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Have a listen to: "Deep Space Radio" and "Foot Vultures"

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The Bad Larrys – Hodads

Release Date: 2nd February 2018
Self Released

The Bad Larrys class themselves as a proto-punk psych-surf band and I have to admit I was a little unsure of what to expect from forthcoming debut album ‘Hodads‘. I tend to avoid reading too much about a band before I review so I can approach it with a neutral mindset – occasionally I get the joy of hearing something as engaging as The Bad Larrys.

Lets talk about sound first. I want you to imagine that Mudhoney and The Doors had a drunken, whiskey soaked night listening to sleazy rock music and then made a rock baby while listening to The Beach Boys; the resulting combination of musical DNA wouldn’t be far off what The Bad Larrys have created here, – it’s psychedelic, it’s fuzzed out, as catchy as any mainstream band out there and gloriously sleazy throughout.

Deep Space Radio‘ is reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys in its infectiousness but avoids any of the indie plodding that gets dull after a while. With a chorus made to make you want to sing along to, this track would be a surefire hit if any established band were to release it tomorrow. It’s a travesty that music like this passes under the radar all too often. Swiftly followed by the out and out surf rock of ‘Barrel Roll Pitted‘ with its nods to classic era surf tunes, I’m already looking forward to getting myself a physical copy once released.

Foot Vultures‘ is a psych delight; is that a theremin I hear before a jarring guitar snaps you out of the haze? The vocals are filled with frustration and longing and really do drag you into the story being told, when all of a sudden the song changes pace into a summery jam which bands like The Strokes wish they could write as well as this, it moves in and out of these vibes effortlessly and works incredibly well.

I’m still reeling in musical bliss from the previous track, when a rolling drum beat kicks in for the next track ‘I Like You Anyway‘, loaded with that fuzzed out sleaze and rhythm, this is a riot of an album already before ‘Fired In The Morning‘ has you reaching for the Bourbon bottle and singing along. The Bad Larrys have so many sing along tunes here but they clearly aren’t contrived; it’s easy to hear when a band tries too hard to get that accessible quality to their music, but this works on ‘Hodads‘ far too well to have been forced.

Bottom Of The Bag‘ and ‘BYOB Gallery‘ slow the proceedings down just enough to give you a breather but not so much that it interrupts the flow of the album. What it does do is give you a moment to appreciate the songwriting; lyrically this is a storybook of an album, its so well written you’d be forgiven for thinking these guys had been about for decades.

Super Senior Prom‘ is as close to a ballad as you’ll get here and I can picture this being played in school halls as a last dance, sung as though its a heartfelt love song but with slightly darker lyrical content than your average love song. It’s a real grower, worth hearing even if it’s just for its distorted and soaring guitar solo alone.

Closing with ‘Rama, Mammon, Abra..‘ we return to the sound that makes this album so distinctive and just leaves you ready for more. It seems crazy to say, but I can hardly wait to see what comes next for The Bad Larrys, considering this is their debut but they genuinely are that enjoyable.

I’m guessing that if you got this far into the review then you have probably figured out that I really like this record. Seriously, all I can say is check it out, you wont regret it.

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