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The Burnt Tapes – Alterations

Release Dates: 2nd June 2017
Lockjaw Records (UK CD/Digital Exclusive), Umlaut Records (vinyl), Cannonball Records (Greece)
Bandcamp: https://burnttapes.bandcamp.com/album/alterations

London-based Greek punks, The Burnt Tapes are one of the most promising bands in the United Kingdom’s punk scene at the moment, and they aren’t taking any prisoners with their latest offering, ‘Alterations’. The title of the EP ‘Alterations’ is inspired by the changes that occur in your life as you start to approach the end of your 20s, and how you begin to lose people, either physically or through disconnection. The four-piece delivers a brand of melodic gruff-punk that would be nicely suited for the likes of Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph.

We are introduced into the EP with the title track, ‘Alterations’, laced with gritty vocals, it’s up-tempo and really catchy in a rather sombre way, but with a tone like it’s been dragged heavily through a sewer. Lyrically the track packs some venom that matches the quite edgy sounding opener as it ends with, “Cause at twenty-eight, what the fuck can you change?”. Singing guitarist, Phil Georgoulopoulos, lost his grandmother a month before recording and the track is dedicated to her.

‘Oh Marie’ follows with a dark edge, with the opening chorus lyrics, “I’ve been better, but you’ve looked worse, crawling on the ground for your last cigarette”. Giving the indication that this is about someone has fallen pretty far. It’s another darker toned track, with hard hitting crunchy riffs and gravelly vocals. It’s another nice blend of aggressive and melodic as the chorus has some great sing-along segments to it.

‘Wayne Regretzky’ sounds a lot more uplifting in the music, it’s up tempo and the melodies in the intro are quite chirpy compared to the first couple of tracks. The same can be said for the chorus that’s another sing-along number. Other than that, the gritty vibe lingers. ‘Ghosts’ then packs a much bigger punch, it’s louder, it’s heavier and a lot more passionate. A short but aggressive number that makes the EP closer’s soft and melodic intro stand out just that bit more. ‘Things Get Weird’ returns to that darker vibe with brooding guitars work at the forefront of the mix of much calmer singing, the cleanest on the whole release.

‘Alterations’ is a moody EP, not quite what I expect from punk, it’s closer to melodic hardcore based on the atmosphere. It’s good, but at only thirteen minutes long, you barely have time to really take it in before it’s over. Several listens is a must to really give it the chance it deserves. I feel that this The Burnt Tapes have a lot more to get off their chest.

For fans of: Anti-Flag, The Drunken Ramblings, RxR, Tragical History Tour, Billy Liar

Check out the video for ‘Oh, Maria’ taken from ‘Alterations’

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