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The Fall Of Troy waste no time jumping straight into their set – there is a definite air of anticipation in the crowd as we eagerly await the reunion of this popular post-hardcore trio. It’s the tenth anniversary of the album that really changed things for the band ‘Doppelganger‘, and, as such, they have promised to play the album in it’s entirety. If you’ve listened to TFOT you would know this is no mean feat, as it’s fast-paced and complex. I for one, can remember seeing them featured in a few magazines just prior to the albums release and mostly, I was intrigued by the name of the band.

I have watched live performances of TFOT online, and, even though I am a big fan, sometimes Thomas Erak (Guitar/Vox) voice doesn’t exactly comes across pitch perfect, so I was ready for a few ropey bits here and there. You know what? He is great. There is pure unbridled passion and excitement in his eyes. There’s one song where he fucks up a verse, but bass player Tim Ward makes jest at Thomas after the song, saying something along the lines of “Tom… Has somebody not been practicing the album before the show?” to which Thomas responds “I fucked up, but it’s fucking Punk Rock, not Mozart right?” You are not wrong, sir. Thomas reminds us at one point in the set that, not only is it the tenth anniversary of their breakthrough record, ‘Doppelganger‘, but it is 10 years to this very day, so it really is a special day for them.

Photo Credit: Noah Moralis

Photo Credit: Noah Moralis

The band hurdle through their set, offering the crowd to sing sections of songs. At points, it seems even TFOT don’t know what to expect. Before they play ‘Tom Waits‘, Thomas asks the crowd if they know this one, and challenges the crowd to sing along –  and it isn’t infrequent that you will see Mr. Erak gesturing the crowd to form a circle pit. When the tapping melody for ‘F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X‘ (unarguably the bands best known song) opens, the crowd explodes as this is TFOT’s biggest single, after all. I expected a lot of the crowd only to be there for that one song, and to the crowds credit, almost everyone stuck around.

So apart from one fuck up on a verse, I am almost in awe of how talented these guys really are. They storm through their set, they are tight and most importantly, energetic and passionate. The crowd, from the middle, to the left wing and the right, are dancing and singing along, so the anticipation for the band is definitely high. Near the end of the set (and a few times throughout) the band plug Horse The Band, who are playing in a tent after their set, Protest The Hero and one of TFOT’s “favourite bands of all time” – The Get Up Kids, who are following TFOT after their set. Thomas speaks briefly about his passion for The Get Up Kids, and tells the crowd he will be out there with them, probably crying like a teenage girl, and invites people to join him. Hats off to you sir, for still being a fan of music, and getting involved with your audience.

They really brought the nostalgia, imagination and energy I expected from their set. So apart from one or two minor cock-ups, easily one of my top 3 bands of the weekend.