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The Ghost Inside – Dear Youth
Release Date: 17th November 2014
Epitaph Records
iTunes: http://apple.co/1y9wegD
If you’re looking for something that makes your ears tingle, gets your heart racing and gives you a serious ‘Bangover’ (headbanging for long periods), then look no further than the latest album from Californian metalcore quintet The Ghost Inside.

‘Dear Youth’ is the latest full length studio record to be released by the band since starting out in ’04 and boy, they just get better and better! It asks ‘If you could write a message to your former self giving advice what would you say?’, as well as bringing together chugging riffs, double bass drum wallops, and earth-shattering breakdowns throughout

This album is Vocalist Jonathan Vigil’s way of exploring themes of uncertainty for what lies ahead in the future and the idea of getting old, with each song telling a different story or sending a different message. You can feel Vigil’s self-aware and vunerable way of writing splashing onto every track, which has been a method that has worked well for previous records.

For those of you who don’t know, Jeremy McKinnon (Vocals, A Day To Remember) was the lead producer of the bands previous album ‘Get What You Give‘ and with the success of that record it was a no-brainer that the guys brought him back.

Alongside McKinnon this time was the legendary Andrew Wade; a big name in production for Metalcore/Post-Hardcore music. You can see what the input from this duo has done for the album, all of their knowledge and experience has been squashed in. Vigil says that McKinnon helped him to not only develop on his screaming vocals but also inspired him to show of his clean vocals, guiding him on how to incorporate them into the tracks. This has lead to a change that works brilliantly with the bands already great sound.

The expectations of this album were extremely high but after the release it’s safe to say The Ghost Inside smashed it and continue to impress fans! It shows the bands true potential and you can feel all of the emotion, raw feeling and effort that went into making this album what it is. They really do deserve a congratulations for providing us with another sick record!