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Have a listen to: "Smile" and "Heavy Gloom"

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The Story So Far – The Story So Far

Release Date: 19th May 2015
Pure Noise Records

The Story So Far have graced our ears with their third studio release which, in a bold move, is self titled. The eponymous album, normally the staple of a new band, is like an introduction to the scene.
But naming your third release after yourselves?
This suggests re-invention, new vision and a fresh re-awakening of a band whose career has already successfully stemmed 8 years.

With this hope of a new, better (and hopefully not a sell out) album, I sat down to listen to the Californian five piece’s latest offering.

Bringing us in strong was ‘Smile’, as typically pop-punk as you can get, yet there’s an element of atmosphere; a certain ambience that’s been lacking in the California rockers previous records. Is this the ‘new’ Story So Far it’s audacious album name proposes?

Following the opener is third single ‘Heavy Gloom’. Now I love this single – I loved it when it came out and I love it slap bang in the first few minutes of this album. The bassline is brilliant, upping the pace with some shouty lyrics and instilling a deep sense of angst into our, slightly outgrown, ‘emo feels’.

Second single ‘Solo’ greets us just before the half way mark. Angsty and misunderstood? Yes. But nothing special, in my opinion. Luckily first single ‘Nerve’ picks the momentum back up in the second half with classic trebly pop punk guitars indicative of this melancholy genre.

It’s clear around about here that this record is inspired by a nasty heartbreak. There’s sadness, anger and aggression flowing through every facet of Parker Cannon’s crisp vocals and lyrics. And for any pop-punk fans: it’s beautiful. It’s exactly what we were looking for because, lets be honest, no one understands us, do they?!

There was skepticism about what this self titled LP would bring to the table but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The band certainly have moved onwards and upwards and it’s a fresh and adventurous new angle. It’s the classic Story So Far with added electricity. It’s moody and erratic, jumping from tempo to tempo, verse to chorus with barely a second to catch up, but this is by no means a bad thing. You could lie in bed wistfully and lament over the stresses of your life and this record would be the perfect backdrop. Alternatively you could walk with purpose up the road whilst this blasts down your overpriced headphones and you’d be captivated.

It’s a multi-functional, compelling and provocative third album and it’s set the bar high for a potential fourth record – these Californian boys jumped into the void of the unknown and it’s paid off. This album is totally pop punk and totally great!