Throwing Stuff has announced their debut album, ‘Fit, Fine & Well’, to be released 7th April 2017 via TNSrecords.

Throwing Stuff are a four-piece hardcore punk band based out of Manchester, England by way of London and Liverpool. Taking influence from the likes of Minor Threat, Paint it Black and Cold Ones, they play a fast, thrashy, no-nonsense punk that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but won’t shy away from the serious issues.

‘Fit, Fine & Well’ is Throwing Stuff’s debut LP. The title comes from the final line of the album closer, ‘Father’s Day‘. A song about vocalist Ben’s experiences coping with his dad’s terminal, stage four brain tumour over the last year. Throughout his dad’s life, “fit, fine and well” has been the stock response to anyone who asked him how he was. Eighteen months on from diagnosis and two operations later, he still says he’s “fit, fine and well” as he battles what’s going on his head. ‘Father’s Day’ is as honest and raw as Throwing Stuff have ever been lyrically, unrelenting and intense in the two minutes it lasts.

‘I Know What’s Best’, a song about Ben’s mental health struggles in the last year, and ‘Hangxiety’, a thrashy number on the anxiety-ridden perils of getting battered, continue the Throwing Stuff’s more bleak, introspective shift compared to their earlier material.

When they’re not dabbling with doom and gloom, Throwing Stuff are usually angry about something. Whether that’s the trade in rhino horns (The Hunter), David Cameron’s leadership (We Wrote This Song Before David Cameron Resigned), the pitfalls of evolution (Whatever Made You Think that Paper Was So Valuable?) or genocide (The Butcher).

The album is due for release on April 7th, just in time for their trip around the UK with Aussie punk n’ rollers, Clowns.‘Fit, Fine & Well’ is a collection of songs that span almost the entire existence of the band, from the first practice right up to the studio floor.

The album is available on vinyl (one side, milky clear) and CD. The first 25 vinyl orders receive a limited edition record with one side spraypainted with the Throwing Stuff logo.

Throwing Stuff band

‘Fit, Fine & Well’  Track listing:

  1. Tracy Chapman
  2. Whatever Made You Think Paper Was Valuable
  3. The Butcher
  4. Hangxiety
  5. We Wrote This Song Before David Cameron Resigned
  6. I Wish You Would Hibernate
  7. I Know What’s Best
  8. We Are Only Healthy To The Extent That Our Ideas Are Humane
  9. F.U.B.S.
  10. Token Beef
  11. The Hunter
  12. Five Pound Beers
  13. How Do You Sleep At Night?
  14. Steve’s Job
  15. Father’s Day

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Upcoming shows:
21st April – Manchester Punk Festival. Sound Control, Manchester
23rd April – The Lughole, Sheffield (with Clowns)
24th April – Maguires, Liverpool (with Clowns)
25th April – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich (with Clowns)
26th April – The Junction, Plymouth (with Clowns)
27th April – Quadrant, Brighton (with Clowns)
28th April – Urban Bar, London (with Clowns)

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