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Have a listen to: "Absolute Genocide"

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Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War

Release Date: 26th June 2015
Nuclear Blast Records

What deathcore has needed in recent years is “fresh” blood to take the genre by the horns and lead it back to where it was in 2010. Last year Martyr Defiled released ‘No Hope No Morality’ as a contender to join the ranks of genre leaders Suicide Silence and The Acacia Strain. Now on Nuclear Blast Records, Thy Art Is Murder hope to do the same with their latest release ‘Holy War’ as a follow up to their 2012 release ‘Hate’.

No punches are pulled from the start, as opening track ‘Absolute Genocide’ is as brutal as the name suggests. There is an eerie, suspense building intro to the song as guitars whine, leading into Chris “CJ” McMahon’s savage vocals which kick in along with blast beats, ferocious riffs and breakdowns to dominate the track – much like they do throughout the entire album. The moment CJ roars the words “ABSOLUTE GENOCIDE” midway through the song, the breakdown drops which gives off a hair-raising feeling the first time you hear it; an absolute headbanger of a song to set the tone of the album.

Follow up track ‘Light Bearer‘ is to the same standard of brutality, if not more vicious. It is safe to say that the Sydney metallers are consistent in creating pure bruisers – a simple goal and they pull it off brilliantly. Following that there are no great surprises or stand out moments other than Winston McCall (Parkway Drive) providing a guest vocal appearance in ‘Coffin Dragger‘.

Holy War‘ is everything a fan of the band/genre would expect from the Aussie 5-piece and more. Thy Art Is Murder have taken what worked for ‘Hate‘, and expanded on it for this latest release. Creating a sound that is more punishing than ever, delivered with a tone and added layers to make the songs slightly more epic than before, there is certainly more of a feel of impending doom throughout. While none of these are exactly new traits of the genre, the way these tracks are delivered and how well they were written certainly beats the standards of most other acts on the scene in recent years.

The Sydney lads have released possibly the most evil sounds of 2015 so far. They are darker than before, not just musically, but topically too as they battle subjects on racism, child abuse and homophobia. Thy Art Is Murder mean business with ‘Holy War‘ and it is far from surprising that they are rapidly becoming a scene favourite.


For Fans Of : Suicide Silence, Martyr Defiled, The Acacia Strain, All Shall Perish