For those who went to Groezrock 2016, at this point last week, we were all packing up and heading home from what was an awesome weekend. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 moments that you really should have witnessed if you were at Groezrock, or even if you missed the festival

1 – Rancid performing ‘…And Out Come The Wolves’ in its entirety

Rancid performing arguably their best album in its entirety was a massive selling point for this festival, and to hear the album performed as good as it sounded on the album was just perfect. What just made it better was the fact that the entire Monster Energy tent was singing along at the top of their voices for the whole performance. Rancid could have just left the singing to the crowd, their voices were that loud. It was one massive sing along for all 19 tracks.

2 – Terror directly followed by Hatebreed

There were a few complaints about clashes at Groezrock this year, but having the two most energetic sets of the festival directly follow each other with no break was pure genius. That was some great organisation there. Both sets were incredibly chaotic, full of bone breaking pits and lots of crowd shout-outs. Terror just had the upper hand for more carnage and stage dives because they didn’t have a barrier, that’s just asking for a mess.

3 – Frank Carter’s set

The Hemel Hempstead vocalist made sure there were some talking points after his set, from creating a circle pit that went around the entire Impericon tent, to climbing a support pole mid-song to spit more of his distinctive shouty vocals. Carter then finished off the set by crowd surfing on top of fans that were on the stage. Can’t say we’ve seen that before. Incredible scenes.

Life at the top is wobbly.

Here’s a video of me singing while standing on top of a crowd who just invaded the stage at Groezrock….

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Posted by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes on Monday, 2 May 2016

4 – Crowd surfing with inflatable animals

People usually bring toys to festivals, usually, we see an inflatable beach ball that gets punched about in a crowd. this time during multiple sets people brought some inflatable animals big enough to ride. during Siberian Meat Grinder‘s set an inflatable shark was being punched about before, someone tried to ride it on top of people. The same scenes happened again during Terror. The following day during The Bennies‘ set, the vocalist Anty decided to ride an inflatable crocodile, which many fans tried to follow suit. All of this was too funny not to watch.

5 – No Use and Friends

RIP Tony Sly, the late No Use For A Name vocalist. The rest of the band headed to Europe to perform what felt like the singer’s wake. Members from other bands stepped in to cover vocals, with Lagwagon‘s Joey Cape performing most of the set. It was an emotional set for anyone who was a fan of NUFAN or Tony Sly, or even if you weren’t the biggest fan you could feel the emotion in the occasion. It was beautiful to witness the crowd chant Tony Sly‘s name, you could tell how much he meant to the punk-rock community.

6 – Hearing a full tent sing ‘I Believe I Can Fly’

On higher spirits, we all know Me First and the Gimme Gimmes bring the positive vibes. But there are no bigger vibes than listening to thousands of people sing along to a punk cover of R Kelly‘s classic hit ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. All the voices made hairs stand on end. It just made you want to watch Space Jam again.

7 – Deryck Whibley looking almost back to full health

Deryck Whibley falling off the wagon, gaining weight and becoming an alcoholic was a massive news for the punk-rock community, it seemed like we would never see Sum 41 again. In spite of all that, Bizzy D overcame his demons and returned to enough health to be able to perform a headline set at Europes biggest punk festival. The singer looked almost back to his old self when cracking out classics like ‘Motivation’ and ‘Fat Lip’.

8 – Listening to a crowd sing a brass melody after the ‘Mad Caddies’ had finished

Ska-punks Mad Caddies finished off their rather fun set with ‘All American BadAss’, a sort of polka-ska fusion song. For the entire song people were humming along to the brass melodies, but they didn’t stop for a good few minutes after the band had finished, fans were happy to continue on their own and it was quite remarkable.

9 – Less Than Jake bring their A-game again

Less Than Jake are one of the most fun bands you will ever watch and nothing changed with their main set at Groezrock this year. The Gainsville ska veterans pulled out all the classics you expect to hear and kept the entertaining band going like you’d expect. The only down would be that the setlist hasn’t changed much in the last two years so if you’ve seen them as much as we have, you might want them to mix it up every now and then. Other than that, their performance was flawless yet again.

10 – Watching Broken Teeth get the response they deserve

The manchester hardcore outfit may be really popular over here in the UK, but we couldn’t guess how much of a reaction the quintet was going to get in Europe. Especially opening the Impericon stage on the Saturday morning after Rancid had headlined the night before. Broken Teeth had a better turn out than we expected and a very decent response for an opening act, with people moshing and 2-stepping throughout the set, stage diving and grabbing the mic, it was an energetic start to the day and great to see all the hard work paying off.