It’s our first videos feature for 2017 and the year has truly started with a bang! So have a little look here to see what we chose for January 2017…

1) Thy Art Is Murder – No Absolution

Australia’s extreme musical export, Thy Art Is Murder recently announced the return of vocalist C.J. McMahon to the band. To cement his return, the band have releases the brand new song and official video for ‘No Absolution’. The video consists of a combination of different silhouettes that appears as CJ right at the very end.

2) Brutality Will Prevail – Forever Restless

The new video from Brutality Will Prevail is the first single off of their upcoming album ‘In Dark Places’. Frontman Louis Gauthier believes that ‘Forever Restless’ “should make you feel like you can punch a hole through a mountain. Turn it up loud and piss of your parents by kicking a hole through your bedroom wall.”

Louis is right, this is exactly how it makes us feel, alongside it’s haunting video which is set in an eery forest…

3) HELLYEAH – Love Falls

The new video from HELLYEAH for ‘Love Falls’ is an angst-ridden, rollercoaster of emotions, showing elements of fighting and attempted suicide. The track is taken from the band’s latest album ‘Unden!able’.

4) Renegade Twelve – Heroes Of Mine

Melodic metallers Renegade Twelve recently premiered the video for ‘Heroes Of Mine’, which has been taken from their recently released, self titled debut album. The video switches from the guys performing, to fans writing their heroes down on blackboards; everyone from Devin Townsend, Major Lazer and Batman and Robin!

5) Me And That Man – My Church Is Black

‘My Church Is Black’ is the lead single taken from Me And That Man’s debut album ‘Songs Of Love & Death’, which is set for a March release. Frontman Nergal says of the track “‘My Church Is Black’ is a strong declaration.  With Me And That Man , I’m telling simple stories in a simple way, not overloaded with metaphors and hidden meanings.  It’s just got to be as natural, organic and stripped down as it can be.”

So, did we miss anything for January 2017? Let us know in the comments below…