Check out our Top 5 Videos Of June – now we’re even giving you an insight into the videos and why we like ’em too!

1) Blink 182 – Bored To Death

The first video from Blink 182‘s heavily anticipated ‘California’ album. The video shows the trio, now with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, performing in a small room with crowd rocking out to the song. Occasionally the images switch to tell a story of how a kid escapes the boredom of school. He does this by driving with friends, hanging in parks and going to record stores.

2) Sum 41 – Fake My Own Death

This marks the long-awaited return for Sum 41 and showcases the band’s first new song in five years. The video shows the band performing on a rooftop in Los Angeles, where all their worst nightmares, including Kim Kardashian, Bill Cosby‘s face on the body of South Park‘s Chef and Donald Trump come to attack them along countless memes. We challenge you to count them all.

3) Direct Hit! – Paid In Brains

Taken from an album all about drug use, this video is all about one DIY chemist creating drugs for people to take at a nearby party. What starts out as fun time messing with narcotics ends up as a messy time with everyone puking all sorts of strange colours.

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4) Descendents – Victim Of Me

We haven’t heard new material from the Descendents in twelve years, yet here they are with a months notice of a new album and a new video to boot. The video shows the band performing in what looks like a completely rammed small pup, with people peering in the windows too.

5) Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

Taking Back Sunday are back with some new material and it’s a far cry from their early emo days, in what sounds like a catchy rock song with a hint of country music. The video shows frontman Adam Lazarra telling a crowd that he likes this new song so much that they have to listen to it. With images of the band touring American and the band performing to big crowds.

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