October has once again entertained is with some interesting videos, some nostalgic, others showcasing what we can expect from from band’s future releases. Check out some of our favourites below

1) Blink 182 – She’s Out Of Her Mind

This one came as a surprise to many. The song off ‘California’ that most sounding like it could have featured on a pre self-titled album mimics one of the bands most iconic videos. ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’ copies the video for ‘What’s My Age Again?’ by replacing the original trio with three women running naked throught the same town. Motions were almost identical, the banana guy was back, the pornstar nurse has been replaced by a male nurse and the magnifying glass has been replaced by a smartphone with a camera.

Check out our review of ‘California’ here.


2) Tirade – We’re Having Fun

Tirade‘s new video unveils ‘We’re Having Fun’ from their soon to be released self-titled EP. The video shows the band on the road, playing shows and as the song title says, having fun doing so. It also reveals what the lads get up to while they aren’t performing shows.


3 )Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Lullaby

This has to be one of the weirder videos Frank Carter has ever shot. It shows the frontman acting rather deranged at times. As well as completely painted black, his entire body, even his teeth. It’s rather surreal. While we’re used to the Carter fronting heavy songs and delivering throaty screams in the majority of his songs. This track unveils the light side to his writing, clean vocals and a chilled out tone to the song. Matched to the video it’s quite eerie. Directed, shot and produced by Carter and fellow Rattlesnake, Dean Richardson. Carter said “We wanted to try and bring to life all the panic and terror that is born from the delirium of sleep deprivation”.


4) Silverstein – Ghost

Hey look, it’s a band doing a music video in a derelict building. That’s never been done before. Nevermind the lack of originality, it’s some new Silverstein material, so that can only be a good thing. Watch the canadians wander around what looks like it used to be a factory with bright red flares. It’s not the heaviest song the band have released, but the melodies are pretty catchy.


5) As It Is – Pretty Little Distance

Brighton based pop punks As It Is take us down the route of 50s school dance vibes. Shiny backdrops and clothing that suits the decade. The dancing and overal attitude is a bit more risque than that time would have likely allowed though.