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Have a listen to: "Another Heart"

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Tremonti – Cauterize

Release Date: 8th June 2015
iTunes: http://apple.co/1KAvKop
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1TbUhlf

This is the sound of modern mainstream metal, or at least, should be. Tremonti delivers us more of the same, after his first record ‘All I Was’ landed in 2012 with great critical acclaim. The first thing I should mention is that this is the first album of Mark Tremonti’s that Eddie Van Halen’s son, 24 year old Wolfgang Van Halen has joined the fold. Does he add anything to the fold that was missing? Not really. But he doesn’t distract you from anything, it would be oh-too-easy for him to play ridiculously melodic bass lines that dominate a lot of the album. He does have a very cool breakdown with the drums after the first chorus on ‘Tie The Noose’ where his tone is low and grumbling, but melodic enough to be memorable.

The album starts at a blistering place with ‘Radical Change’, thrash metal riffing, tremolo picking melodies and an explosive chorus with the most contagious delivery of lyrics on the whole record – “It’s a radical change. Standing alone, turning my back on the whole world”, plus, no Tremonti tune would be complete without 2 beautifully and masterfully crafted guitar solo’s, one before the last chorus and one more at the end of the chorus, where he masterfully matches his solo to the vocal melody at the beginning. The next track ‘Flying Monkeys’ strips the pace down to a heavier and slower tempo, and to be honest, it’s kind of anti-climactic after such a great album opener. But all of that is erased when the track ends and throws us into the titular song of the record, another thrash master piece, ‘Cauterize’ with the drums bellowing down like thunder crashing down from the sky, the verse has these ridiculously catchy punk-rock chord changes that bleeds well into the chorus where Mark sings “Take this Sun and Cauterize, make us pure again”.

Dark Trip’ has some ghostly guitar effects, a stripped back and soulful song, in my opinion, this is where Tremonti is at his most original and best, albeit sounding a little too Alter Bridge at times but the chorus separates itself from other AB tracks by keeping things heavy. ‘Another Heart’ the bands first single, again has everything you want in a Tremonti track. Well crafted lyrics, guitar hooks in excess and an explosive chorus that will have heads banging and voices singing when it’s played live, oh, and lets not forget the riff breakdown before the last chorus that’s so heavy it could smash a glacier.

In short, Tremonti have once again crafted a fantastic metal record that balances heavy metal with hard rock. This isn’t metal for the sake of metal, it might take a fair bit of influence from 80’s/90’s thrash metal, and at times sound like another Alter Bridge album. Sometimes it feels like it was played a little too safe, but it is totally unpretentious in it’s delivery, and you cannot fault his guitar playing. There is a damn-good reason people hold this man in such high regard, here’s hoping some younger metal bands take some influence from this master!