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Have a listen to: "Beyond Compassion" and "Paradigm"

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Trepid Elucidation – Upcoming Reality

Release Date: 24th February 2017
Mosher Records
Bandcamp: https://mosherrecords.bandcamp.com/album/upcoming-reality

Trepid Elucidation are a technical/death metal band hailing from Lisbon, Portugal who recently released their debut album ‘Upcoming Reality‘ through Mosher Records.  Trepid Elucidation formed in 2012 and it took five years for their first album due to finding the right sound and changes of band members. There know in Portugal from playing local shows, now with Upcoming Reality‘ it’s time to convince the world.

What can you expect from ‘Upcoming Reality‘? I would say you can expect to hear a blend of technical death metal with some old school death metal riffs. From a first listen for me for this band, they have shown a sheer brutal attack on the senses with a solid rhythm section. With 36 minutes of music on this album spread over 6 tracks, these guys have shown raw talent throughout and I look forward to hearing more.

My standout track is definitely ‘Beyond Compassion‘, showing some great guitar riffs and a classic old school death metal sound. This is a solid debut album from the portuguese 4 piece. If you like this kind of genre, I definitely recommend you to check this out.

Have a listen to title track ‘Upcoming Reality‘ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-49IcjIol9U

For Fans Of: Beyond Creation, Death, Decrepit Birth.

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