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Have a listen to: "Solid Gold" and "Rabbits Foot"

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Turbowolf – Two Hands

Release Date: 6th April 2015
Spinefarm Records/Search & Destroy

Turbowolf are one of those hard to categorise bands – they have a wide range of influences that include hard rock, psychadelic, electronica and heavy metal. Since being active in 2008, they have developed their sound over the years by playing live, supporting bands like Pulled Apart By Horses, Korn and Dimmu Borgir. They released their first album ‘Turbowolf‘ in 2011 with great critical acclaim and they followed up in 2015 with their second effort – ‘Two Hands‘.

A four year wait after such a great debut record can spark a lot of doubt for a possible disappointment of a follow up record. This album was well worth the wait, boasting an album of diverse songs that focus on grooves and fuzzy guitars, punk explosions, and a funky-synth overtone. ‘Rabbits Foot‘ is a catchy as-hell first single, with a down-the-middle stoner-rock edge, easily the best vocal performance on the album. ‘Solid Gold‘ is their greatest song in my opinion, with a robot-like syncopated intro, until the guitars and drums smash away to open for the Behemoth of a guitar riff. Half-way through the track they add the woodblock to the drums and it is a stroke of genius. ‘American Mirrors‘ is their stand-out punk anthem on the album, that includes a funk-synth breakdown. ‘Nine Lives‘ is more straight-down-the-middle rock that is still glued by that tight fuzz groove. ‘MK Ultra‘ is a phenom of a track, with ghostly acoustic guitars and a chilling feedback lead line.

There’s so much personality to this band – the guitars are nothing I’ve never heard before, but exactly what I love and listen to in a lot of other bands. The persona that sets this band apart is the inclusion of the synth, which I fear in some bands can be irritating or too dominant in a lot of songs but it really adds to Turbowolf’s sound, along with the vocals. This is definitely a great record that will be getting into a lot of peoples ears this summer, and a name that will only become bigger and badder as they progress.