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Turnstile plus Knuckle Dust, Breaking Point, Broken Teeth, Ninebar, Cornered, Reality Slap, Renounced, War Charge and Hardout
Venue: T. Chances
Date: 25th April 2015

Tottenham might not be on top of the gigging scene but hardcore fans all over the country travelled to London for this belter of an all-dayer featuring some of the most popular names in the UK and worldwide hardcore.

Eastbourne lads Hardout kicked off the day with some great energy,  playing tracks from their ‘Bruise Cruise‘ EP including their music video track ‘Iron Love‘ and a couple of new ones. There was a light crowd in the early afternoon but it doesn’t stop some enthusiasts getting rowdy with side to sides and 2-step dancing to Hardout’s grooves. Regular drummer Elliott Ingham was out of the country with other commitments, but a friend filled in brilliantly for their short opener set. A decent start to the day by the straightedge outfit and a great set to warm the crowd up.

To follow that, War Charge picked up where Hardout left off as they kept the energy going. Being a slightly heavier band than Hardout, War Charge got a rougher response as the crowd moshed harder and scenes of crazier antics were unleashed on the pit as the Scots thrashed out some of the best riffs of the day, especially with ‘New World Justice‘.

Next up were Renounced, one of the most popular up and coming bands in the UK hardcore scene and they showed exactly why. Definitely the heaviest band on the bill with their more 90’s metalcore influences, bigger breakdowns, and much harsher vocals. Making both Hardout and War Charge seem mild in comparison, shit absolutely kicked off in the pit as more people got involved and shouted along. An incredibly impressive set and I’m surprised they were so far down on the bill.

Coming all the way from Portugal, Reality Slap had more of a fun vibe to their set with their Rotting Out-esque punk infused hardcore. With relentless energy and extremely high tempo, plenty of circle pits, shout outs and a few stage dives, it was safe to say they were my favourite new discovery of the day. Also from Europe, Dutch hardcore outfit Cornered controlled the stage and crowd as more people flowed in. Not the most outstanding set, though that didn’t stop the crowd from going a bit crazy as Cornered thrashed out some simple but brutal riffs.

London hardcore veterans Ninebar took to the stage with a complete sense of belonging, having been in the game since the late 90’s. They made such a strong set at a local venue look as easy as riding a bike. Just like most of the day so far, the crowd was even more phenomenal and incredibly chaotic than Renounced, as bodies flew around the room onto each other and limbs flailed around the room. Pure British gritty hardcore at its finest.

After a lengthy break between sets, Broken Teeth kicked things back off as they launched into ‘My Law‘. The pit got even more vicious as Broken Teeth treated us to fan favourites like ‘The Seeker‘ and ‘Soul Destroyer‘ featuring the best grooves in UK hardcore. As more people flowed through the door, more enthusiasts came in close for the shout outs and committed more stage dives; awesome scenes to witness. Possibly one of the most fun Broken Teeth sets I have seen – never a disappointment.

Breaking Point are leaving us in a months’ time, and this was their last ever London show. Performing tracks off their 2014 album ‘Set To Burn‘, and older EPs ‘Judgement‘ and ‘Life Sentence‘, it really was just another day in the office for the Southern Rise legends. The carnage continued as they smashed through a mixture of old and new tracks including latest video track ‘Power’. Always the best vibes from a Breaking Point set and I’m certainly going to miss them. You can catch them in Brighton for their last ever gig next month.

Local legends Knuckledust hit the stage in absolute party mode! It was the weekend and they wanted to shake off the midweek shit and get rowdy with the crowd. One of the craziest sets of the day as crowd reaction increased tenfold. It’s no surprise as they crack out an anthem like ‘Bluffs, Lies & Alibis‘ and pretty much everyone in the room was shouting along. I still have that song stuck in my head.  Nearly 20 years in the game and still going strong,

Finally, Turnstile hit the stage, I’ll be honest and say before this set I wasn’t entirely excited for them, unlike pretty much everyone else there. The studio recordings don’t seem to click with me, yet they are possibly the most popular hardcore band going at the moment. It is safe to say that Turnstile completely changed my mind about them with this set. Before they even started and were still sound checking the buzz in the room was high and fans were getting crazy and jumping off the stage. As soon as Turnstile started all hell broke loose and any thoughts about health and safety were out of the window.

Last month I said that the Terror show was the craziest hardcore show I have been to. This Turnstile set blew it out of the water. I lost count of stage invasions and dives, fans grabbing the microphone and at some point near the end someone even jumped off a speaker and was swinging off the lights; raw carnage and you can’t help but be mesmerized at what you are seeing. Performing tracks like ‘Drop‘ and ‘Keep It Moving‘ the shout-outs echoed around the room. Great energy and an incredible post-gig high after this set.

This has easily been the best gig of 2015 so far, massive shout out to Mog and Martine for organising it all. And firm reminders of the loss of a huge hardcore music supporter in Nick Mann who passed away last month, as every band dedicated songs and sets to him and funds were raised at the gig in his memory.