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Vanity – Perspective // Empathy

Release Date: 22nd September 2017
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/perspective-empathy-ep/1252002850

Formerly under the guise of Vanity Draws Blood, Metal band Vanity released their EP ‘Perspective// Empathy’ back in September, their first release under their new, simpler moniker, later followed by their most recent single ‘Tranquil’. The five South Londoners have brought something different to the table and their EP cover is certainly worth mentioning as it’s truly a work of art. ‘Perspective // Empathy’ features five tracks and I recommend listening to ‘Tranquil’ in particular. The track starts with a layered piano piece that provides a softer but more dramatic introduction to the song and has wholesome chords with light melodic notes played over the top. It then kicks in with a punchy contrast of distorted guitar chords, hard vocals and double kicks. Floating above the track are continuous dark, ethereal tones that gives the heavy track a clean, not-muddy vibe that makes all the difference. The clean harmonies over the rough vocals is what brings the song from a seven to a nine and this goes for the whole EP.

Each song has a slow building introduction before it drops into a heavy sound. What’s notable on the last track of the EP, ‘Affinity’ is that the tension takes longer to release and the louder vocals come in at a later point rather than within the first twenty seconds. The vocals start with strained whispers with a filter over the top to give it a sense of intensity which usually is something that is featured nearing the end of a song before a breakdown and is refreshing to hear it composed at the beginning..

Vanity knows what to include in a typical metal track and then they flick paint all over the canvas to make it something unique. The EP has that harmonious, dark sound without going too far either way and was produced with high quality and originality. You can sing along, you can sway, or you can head-bang and mosh and that is the best combination you could want at a gig. If you are not already convinced to check them out, then if you are fans of White Chapel, Chelsea Grin and Thy Art is Murder you should more than like their low tuned sound.

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