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Have a listen to: "Haze"

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Voices – Resurgence

Release Date: 22nd December 2017
iTunes: https://apple.co/2BAtOPC

In December of 2017, metalcore outfit Voices dropped their new EP ‘Resurgence‘. As the title of the record would suggest, this marked an evolution in sound from the band’s debut EP and a new line up in personnel.  Voices have experimented with heavy melodies and combined them with huge down-tuned riffs and have managed to pull off a record that is accessible to fans of heavy music but also those who prefer the more experimental side of the metal scene.

The EP opens up with ‘Demons‘, with its soundscape, almost electronic, intro you’re not really sure where its headed musically. A brief burst of a chugging riff kicks in and echoes out just as soon as it has arrived and this continues throughout the track with bursts of guttural vocal and clean singing interlaced. It’s a bold opener but you do end up wanting that riff to keep going and stop fading off into a melodic section so frequently. It’s not a bad song, but as an opener for the record it doesn’t quite work for me.

Thankfully, the EP starts to come to life with second track ‘Worth(Keep Me Blind)‘. The dual vocals and melody are still here but not at the expense of the main riff. The down tuned guitars chug nicely against a rapid fire beat and it’s sure to satisfy fans of tech and metalcore alike.

Nightmare‘ has a a great nostalgic feel to its opening verse before the ferocity kicks in again. The dual vocals battle for dominance with neither becoming overdone. ‘Haze‘ is possibly the best track on here, it follows the same pattern as the previous track in its soft intro but here the screamed vocal is dominant and the riff is pummeled home by a thundering double kick behind it.

Forgive And Forget‘ and final track ‘Back To Life‘ are heavy on the melody but the short, fierce bursts of brutallity balance them out nicely and remind you that there are hidden depths on this EP.

Ultimately the EP has the feel of a band trying to find their feet with a new sound; it works for the most part and it’s definetely a bit of a grower. I imagine that, in the right frame of mind for the melodic aspects of this record, it probably hits the spot pretty well.

Although this EP doesnt exactly break new ground in terms of sound it is an accomplished move into new territory for the band; it’s a very well balanced and well written record that fuses melody with brutality in a way that not many are able to do to this degree, without a few full lengths in the back catologue.

Worth a listen for sure but this is a grower rather than an instant stand out.

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