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W.A.S.P – The Re-Idolized Tour

Venue: White Rock Theatre, Hastings
Date: 12th October 2017

It was 9pm and a few beers later when the towering beast that is Blackie Lawless entered the stage, after building up the anticipation with video scenes from ‘The Crimson Idol‘, the fifth studio release from W.A.S.P and first concept album. The album tells the story of the rise and fall of fictional rock star, Jonathan Steel and was originally released via Capitol Records in 1992.

As this run of dates was a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of ‘The Crimson Idol”s release, called the ‘Re-Idolized Tour‘, so I knew instantly that I could expect some huge W.A.S.P hits played to mark the occasion.

Kicking off the night was ‘The Titanic Overture‘ which provided an atmospheric build up to what I expected to be an epic event. Already, the packed out White Rock Theatre was engaged and feeling nostalgic, ready to hear Blackie and co. performing ‘The Crimson Idol‘ from start to finish.

The set consisted of the above mentioned album in its entirety; my favourites being ‘Chainsaw Charlie‘ and ‘Doctor Rockter‘ as well as a few other hits thrown in for good measure, such as ‘I Wanna Be Somebody‘, ‘Love Machine‘ and ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor‘. You could see that the crowd were absolutely loving it, with everyone singing each track word for word and headbanging  – as well as an occasional moshpit – everywhere.

I did notice Blackie didn’t seem like he was 100% in the game for about the first half of the set – he appeared to take a bit of a back seat and let the other musicians take the lead. That being said, he has been leading W.A.S.P since 1982 and he’s still got a powerhouse of a voice, so I guess we can forgive him for that.

All in all, a great night was had – plenty of beer, metal and nostalgia  – and it was great to see such a huge act playing in my little home town of Hastings. Hopefully they’ll be back for more someday soon…

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