Welcome to my brand new project, Broken Arrow Magazine.

I am finally about to graduate with a degree in Music Management after three long but worthwhile years at the University of West London. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the music industry. I love the excitement and hard work that goes into the music industry and of course, I absolutely love music in every shape and form. With university about to finish (this May) I thought I’d jump in at the deep end and launch my own online music magazine.

My friend and guitarist of Hornet, Tollef Rikje-Pearson, has helped me start by designing this website, helping me launch as a business and is going to help me with the initial set up of Broken Arrow Magazine. I’ve previously done work experience at Roadrunner Records and Nuclear Blast Records and I’ve also organised and run many live music events across London.

Broken Arrow Magazine is the next step for me and 2015 is looking to be a good year. Let me tell you about the magazine. Well, we’re going to be slightly different to your usual online magazine. We’re not going to cover everything, content will be select but hopefully it’ll be things you’ll find interesting. Apart from the usual news coverage, reviews, competitions and interviews of your favourite bands we’ll also be running monthly features such as:

Have You Heard? – Showcasing our favourite new bands from the UK.
Inside The Industry –  A monthly feature bringing you opinions on the current struggle within the music industry.
Shit To Do–  A monthly feature bringing you the coolest things to do, books to read, games to play. You get it, right?
What To Wear –  A monthly feature bringing you the hottest clothes and shoes to wear/own in 2015!
Festivals – All the latest information on the UK’s best rock and metal festivals.
Top 5 Videos – Each month we’ll be bringing you our top 5 videos in rock, metal and punk!

Things won’t end there, we are already in negotiations with other music individuals and fingers crossed by the end of this year and going into 2016 we’ll be a print magazine across the UK and might even have our own radio show!

Lastly, if you’d like to join the team email team@brokenarrowmagazine.com or if you’re a band email me on annie@brokenarrowmagazine.com or Tollef on tollef@brokenarrowmagazine.com.