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What’s Eating Gilbert – That New Sound You’re Looking For

Release Date: 10th July 2015
Hopeless Records

It is safe to say this isn’t the sound I wasn’t looking for, or expecting from Chad Gilbert’s solo project. We all know Gilbert’s best work has been within pop punk kings New Found Glory, and we also know that he has dabbled in hardcore with Shai Hulud and International Superheroes of Hardcore, but it does seem surprising when ‘The New Sound You’re Looking For‘ sounds like a modern ‘Grease’ rip-off.

The sickeningly sweet sounding album gives off a dominant 60’s vibe with modern pop-rock tendencies; think Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B. Goode’ with a twinge of the more recent era of All Time Low. The imagery Chad Gilbert enforces with the album cover and the video for ‘You’re The Most’ helps the vintage vibe expand even further. Gilbert has gone super retro on us!

Listening to this album makes me think of American diners, pin-up dolls, slicked back hair, and vinyl jukeboxes.  Quite frankly this is what I imagined my Grandparents listening to when they were my age and if it wasn’t for the fact Chad Gilbert is known heavily throughout the alternative scene, most alt rock music review sites and magazines wouldn’t even consider looking at this.

Not to say ‘That New Sound You’re Looking For’ is a bad album, it’s quite nice to listen to and seems well written enough, it’s just a bit bland compared to what I’m used to when it comes to the NFG guitarist.

If anyone is expecting more New Found Glory magic, expect to be disappointed. It’s worth a listen if you are into that 50’s-60’s pop rock sound but if not then I’d avoid it. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these songs ended up on Radio 1’s daytime broadcast.