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Have a listen to "Sometime Tomorrow"

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Wicked Bears – Wicked Bears

Release Date: March 23rd, 2016
Hidden Home Records
Bandcamp: www.wickedbears.bandcamp.com

It’s pretty much summer and it’s time for all the punk bands to come out of the woodwork. We’ve already covered one skate-punk band recently, which was Belvedere. Well, here is another in the form of a three-piece from Salt Lake City, meet Wicked Bears. The trio bring all the nostalgia and angst of mid-90s pop punk that we were all hooked on (due to a certain skating game that I have mentioned wayyy too many times in the past) and it is a fun sixteen minutes of your time.

From the initial listen, Wicked Bears sound like the 2004 era Descendents, MxPx or as if Reel Big Fish dropped the ska and went straight for catchy punk songs. Sometime Tomorrow’ is a perfect example of the kind of joyful sounding song with negative lyrics that we expect from Reel Big Fish. Wicked Bears unleash a traditional skate-punk and pop-punk sound of hooking riffs, intricate basslines and bouncy beats, all topped off with catchy lyrics. It’s not risk taking, but the formula works like it has done for countless bands in the past. While it is a working formula, the lack of risk-taking holds this EP back from really standing out against the band’s peers. That aside, it’s an enjoyable listen, particularly for fans of joyful punk, more than those who are after something that packs a bit of punch.

‘Wicked Bears’ as an EP is worth a listen, but don’t expect it to blow your mind away. Stick on whatever version of Tony Hawk‘s you want to play and put this on in the background. As for any future releases, you should all keep an eye out to see what the trio do next. I can’t tell a band how they should write their songs because everyone has their own personal tastes and influences but I do suggest a tiny bit more energy or maybe a pinch of aggression, just to balance Wicked Bears‘ sound up from being a little too nice and safe. Variety is the key.

For fans of: Descendents, MxPx

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