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Have a listen to: "Monster" and "When The Love Is Pain"

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William Control – The Pale EP

Release Date: 14th October 2016
Control Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-pale-ep/id1155686850

William Control is an electro rock artist from Seattle, Washington, and he’s just released ‘The Pale‘ EP through Control Records. William Control has been non-stop touring the UK and he is about to embark on a US Tour with the new EP.

So what can you expect from ‘The Pale‘? If you have been following William Control for a while or, like me, I was new to his music a couple of years back, he plays this genre well. William Control‘s music sounds like David Bowie meets Depeche Mode, bringing Electronic Darkwave, Industrial Goth and Glam Rock; 3 genres mixed into one.  

The first track ‘Monster’ opens up this EP and it sounds like you’ve traveled back into the 1980’s where Darkwave, Goth and Glam Rock were born. You feel like you’re in The Batcave, a gothic club that used to be in London.

The second track ‘Confess’ is such a good way to show how well William Control can blend genres together – it goes to show how talented this man is.

The third track ‘When The Love Is Pain’ is a very gothic, romantic song. It has a blend of poetry and love mixed in, it’s very calming and relaxed and you can hear a story being told throughout this song.

The EP closer ‘Mother Superior’ is a very calming end to this EP and a very clever song. William Control keeps amazing his fans – myself included. This EP is full of poetic lyrics and a blend of awesime genres.

For Fans Of: Sisters Of Mercy, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Joy Division

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