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Have a listen to: "Eye Of The Beholder" and "Gypsy Caravan"

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Wolfmother – Victorious

Release Date: 19th February 2016
iTunes: http://apple.co/1RYzjYI

Wolfmother have returned with new album ‘Victorious’. From the get go it’s a sentiment that rings true throughout the entire record. It feels like the songs all have this somewhat triumphant nature to them – rightfully fucking so I say. Wolfmother are one of the last true classic rock bands left in the mainstream. Foo Fighters who? 2016 is the year of Wolfmother.

Album opener ‘The Love That You Give’ is a down the middle, no frills rock song. The opening lyric ‘you set your sites so high you cannot stop’ gives the song a sense of ambition which, along with victory in general, seems to be the underlying theme of this album. The album really kicks off, in my opinion with track 2 and stellar single ‘Victorious’, which draws huge influence from The Who and, in it’s closing segment, the powerful driving rhythm of bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

Wolfmother don’t just rely on influences from your typical classic rock troupes like Sabbath, Zeppelin or Purple. There is a big alternative rock vibe to be heard on songs like ‘Baroness’, with it’s colourful acoustic chorus and moodier verses. ‘Pretty Peggy’ is a charming folk rock acoustic song that kind of feels like it’s been crafted to be played as a theme for a teenage drama series. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty good song. It also just happens to sound very much like a song called ‘Some Nights’ by Fun.

The Simple Life’ features chunky palm muted riffs in the verses, but generally still relies on the major key feel to every song on this record. It’s still welcomed, but at this point in the record I’m more interested in hearing some of the darker emotions Wolfmother have to offer. But that wouldn’t be very “victorious” would it?

Gypsy Caravan’ is by far the most standout song to me on the record, again screaming 70’s rock. From the theme and lyrics in the chorus “Won’t you take me to the gypsy caravan, we can live together where the ocean meets the sand”, to the Hammond organ in the chorus, to the loud blues fills on the bass track, to the key and time change in the bridge, again channeling the inner ‘Ritchie Blackmore’ on the guitars. ‘Eye of the Beholder’ features some of those darker edges I was craving with the intro melody on the guitar, the verses and chorus beg you to nod your head along with the beat, to the point where it’s hard to concentrate on much else in the song, especially on the second verse where the guitar are stripped away to have the bass play through, which makes the song so damn infectious. I fear this one will be a real ear worm when I peel myself away from it!

As the first Wolfmother album I’ve actually listened to from front to back, ‘Victorious’ is an excellent introduction to the band. Soon I’m going to be revisiting the entire back-catalog for Wolfmother, but for now I will keep jamming on ‘Victorious‘. Although I really enjoyed the album, I felt like they relied too much on similar song structures and feels at times. 

Make sure you catch Wolfmother on their European tour this April!

For Fans Of: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple