Wotsit Called Fest 2016: Preview

What is it? A brand new punk-rock all-dayer featuring some of the best growing UK punk acts at the moment.

Where is it? The Union Bar, Hastings

When is it? September 3rd, 2016

How much? £5.40 in advance (bargain!) or more on the door

Now that’s out of the way I’ll go into further details. With the popularity of Hastings Punk Fest over the last couple of years, organisers of Toxic Wotsit Promotions have decided to hold their own similar stlyed punk all dayer to thank the bands that have helped them out in recent times.

Faintest Idea video show

Faintest Idea

The ska punks from Kings Lyn are one of our favourite bands of 2016. Having seen Faintest Idea at The Union Bar earlier this year and at BoomTown recently, we’re certainly excited to see them again for a set that is bound to be rammed full of skanking punters. If you are a ska punk fan and haven’t heard their recent album ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’, we recommend you do so now.



Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Punk / Thrash / Hardcore from Manchester. Originally formed in 2004. The Manc band have since drank their way through numerous gigs and tours all over the UK and mainland Europe, causing carnage in their wake. We’re told to expect all sorts of chaos including human pyramids, moshpits,  maybe Mr Blobby apparently. Revenge of…have shared stages with the likes of Bad Religion, NoMeansNo, Discharge, Subhumans and plenty more established punk acts over the years. Check out the band’s new album ‘Colossal Velocity’.





No frills, smouldering, riffy garage punk from Leeds. Expect short songs and loud noise for people to lose their shit to. We suggest you don’t actually try to bloody your nose during their set. That would be messy.





It’s more hardcore punky thrash sounds from Leeds with aims to kick as much ass as possible. Proper old school British vibes, more short shouty punk songs and a shit load of energy. What else do you really want from a punk band?



Matilda's Scoundrels

Matilda’s Scoundrels

Come on, if you haven’t heard of Matilda’s Scoundrels from us by now, you’re living under a rock. The Hastings folk punks are regulars on this site and the organisers behind this whole event. We’ve watched them grow from a humble local act to be a band that is getting fairly popular in the UK’s underground punk scene – pulling in some fairly decent crowds at Rebellion and Boomtown. This is a hometown show so this is likely to be a rowdy set.





Hardcore from Norwich.  A theme is starting to build here – bands that play short aggressive songs. Earlier this year Bono released a self-titled EP with a track that contains five songs in five minutes.The Norwich lads have a more modern vibe to the other bands, taking influence from 90s hardcore/crossover. Expect a few pits



No Ta

No Ta

Its Punk, its fast, its Fabulous Whimsical Hardcore… apparently. Well, we wouldn’t use the term whimsical but it’s certainly fabulously aggressive. Come lose your shit early.




The Barracks

The Barracks are in the mix to deliver that Californian punk-rock vibe. Expect some Bouncing Souls-esque fast punk hits. The Barracks are usually up for a laugh and having some banter with the crowd, they even have a song called ‘Fuck You’ which is usually a fan favourite. Another fair local band to the venue so the possibility for some rowdiness to open the show with is certainly strong. Recently the band paired up with their friends Matilda’s Scoundrels for a split, which we reviewed here.


Tickets can be found here

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