Wotsit Called Fest 2017: Preview

Last year Toxic Wotsit promotions pushed the largest of their resources together to book quite possibly one of the most enjoyable events we saw in 2016, Wotsit Called Fest. It was DIY punk at its finest, with plenty of unleashed elements of punk-rock, hardcore, ska, folk and more onto the town of Hastings. This year the event has expanded, Toxic Wotsit put on its last stand along gig earlier on in the year so they can focus more on making Wotsit Called Fest larger and better, with more bands now spread across two days.

When is it?

Friday 29th September – 30th September


Advanced tickets £10, more on the door. https://wotsitcalledfest.bandcamp.com/

Where is it?

Sadly due to the closure of the The Tubman, a new home had to be found to host the event. With several venues interested, the organisers decided that Palace (formerly The Pig In Paradise) on Hastings seafront was the right choice. Palace hasn’t been known as much of a venue in recent years, it’s more of a pub/food outlet, though that does bring in the benefit of not having to leave the venue to get something to eat.

Palace hastings

Who’s Playing?

September 2017




Headlining the Friday night is the highly energetic Leeds act, Nosebleed. Last year the trio were a real highlight at Wotsit Called Fest, so it was no surprise that they were invited back. What you can expect from Nosebleed is an intense set of rock ‘n’ roll infused punk rock, very fun vibes and some crazy scenes as they are likely to play in the middle of the crowd. Nosebleed stole the show for us at Boomtown Fair this year, so we cannot wait to see what the Leeds lads pull out for us.


august videos matildas scoundrels

Matilda’s Scoundrels

Local lads and founders of Wotsit Called Fest, so it’s almost a given folk-punks, Matilda’s Scoundrels, would play this event. This is the Hastings acts first hometown show since February and with the special occasion of using it as an album launch show for ‘As The Tide Turns’. Each year the folk punks entertain us with the fun fueled folk punk vibes and general rowdy nature, they are probably the band we have covered the most on this publication since we started it. This is going to be one big, loud pissup.



Knocksville are the trio that produce blues influenced, gritty rock ‘n’ roll band from Eastbourne. Forming back in 2009, the three piece has since then they have played all around the UK and Europe. In late 2014 the band had a slight change of line up with Jason Walder joining them on double bass and with that a new sound has emerged. With this new energy the band have now recorded there second album ‘Volume II’  in September 2016.


Rotten foxes band

Rotten Foxes

Rotten Foxes from Brighton have been crushing their way from party to party since early 2016 their visceral blend of hardcore, rock ‘n’ roll and “Deathpunk”, a sound that has torn up venues around the UK and Europe. In an amusing manner, the band states, “We have shared the stage with many of our heroes and will continue to do so until we become theirs,” before also claiming, “We arrive, we raise hell, we leave.”



The restarts band

The Restarts

Headlining the Saturday night is the popular DIY thrash punks, The Restarts, who formed way back in 1995, in Hackney, London’s East End. The Restarts are a socially aware, three piece punk band, and ever since the 90s, they have been touring all across the UK and Europe, playing squat gigs and pubs for the most part. As well as Europe, the trio has been to the USA an Canada a few times. The Restarts consider themselves to be part of a large worldwide network of DIY Punk Rock, stating “we are punks first, musicians second.”


Riggots band


Riggots are wild two piece who produce mind melting technical hardcore punk. Make no mistake, They pack punk for a duo. They are noisy, fast, loud, ‘in your face’ and almost intrusive as they pull in influences from Refused, Mars Volta and Fugazi. It’s no shock they are extremely popular within the UK’s DIY punk scene.


Pizzatramp – Photo Credit to Pay No More Than Photography

Welsh hardcore punks, Pizzatramp, may well be the band we’re excited for the most across the weekend, they are rowdy, loud, obnoxious and in your face. They don’t hold back from verbally abusing people in songs, with songs about photo wankers, and thinking U2‘s Bono is a cunt. When live they like to have fun with the crowd; expect lots of banter between incredibly fast, aggressive songs.


Millie manders and the shut up

Millie Manders and The Shut Up

Millie Manders and The Shut Up, might be the most uplifting act on the bill this year, fronting brass heavy ska vibes with general punk angst. Manders has a strong personality to match her powerful voice, which ranges from catchy singing, to angst ridden shouting. This is a set to dance along to as well as rock the hell out. Look out for the awesome cover of Van Morisson‘s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’.


The Fuckin' Glorious band

The Fuckin’ Glorious

The Fuckin’ Glorious is a collection of musicians, made up of musicians from the likes of Lowlife, Freaks Union, Dead Pets, Acid Drop and Geoffrey Oi’cott. The create a brand of Post hardcore ADHD with an attitude that “anything goes” when they write. Fairly new to the UK scene, they have been going for just nine months, yet they have two videos out, ‘Slice of Life’ and ‘Angry Lullaby’, both recorded by Ben Hannah of Acid Drop/Nosebleed. . So far The Fucking’ Glorious have played the likes of Strummercamp, Punks Against Cancer in Derby, Nepotism Fest and Rebellion along with countless shows which all receive a great response.


The Barracks

Having opened the festival last year, The Barracks are in the mix to deliver their usual Cali-punk vibe, which is strongly compared to the likes of Bouncing Soulss. The Barracks are usually up for a laugh and having some banter with the crowd, much like their fellow Hastings mates in Matilda’s Scoundrels, they also have songs about getting drunk. The quartet are usually a laugh and we expect no different this time round.


Natterers – Photo credit: Hold My Pint Photography

Blasting on to the punk scene in mid-2016, Natterers pull influences from early 80s US hardcore greats such as Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and Zero Boys and throw in a twist with with their Yorkshire accented “furious deep-throated roar to put other 21st century hardcore bands to shame”. Henry Rollins combined with Poly Styrene is what you get with vocalist Emma. After just a year of relentless gigging, Natterers have turned heads and earned fans across the UK, carving out their own identity in the local hardcore punk scene.


The Crash Mats

The Crash Mats

The Crash Mats is a three piece from Oldham that blends bouncy ska with fast punk. The trio started in 2008 and have been gigging hard ever since, performing at the likes of Wonk Fest and Manchester Punk Festival. Generally writing songs about the chippy, weed, wrestling, cartoons, more weed and smoking weed, The Crash Mats released their debut album ‘NOW that’s what I call Crash Mats 69’ in 2016 and their second album ’69 Peruvian Panpipe Classics’ will be released through Horn And Hoof records on September 15th 2017.


The Dead Anyways

The Dead Anyways are four friends who play a blend of fast-paced agitated pop punk with a wider range of influences coming from all over the punk spectrum. The quartet explains “We would like to think we sound like a mixture of Bad Religion, Iron Chic, Dillinger Four and The Lawrence Arms… We probably sound like something else entirely.” Expect melodic punk-rock with lots of hooking riffs and catchy vocal melodies.


Cheap Dates

Cheap Dates sprang into life in 2015 and after many shed-based jams, began a wild journey of gigs,parties and general all-round cheapness which continues to this day. 2016 then took Cheap Dates to some heady heights, including playing with Matilda’s Scoundrels, appearing at Dover Mind festival, they were the first band (officially) to play on the new Hastings Pier, numerous busking spots and house parties, and even featured at The Pevensey Ukelele Festival!


Bandcamp Playlist

The Toxic Wotsit guys have created a compilation called ‘Now That’s Wotsit Called Music’ as a taster of allthe bands playing. You can check it out here.

More information can be found here