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Have a listen to 'The Mother Of Morality'

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Xerosun – This Dark Rage

Release Date: 3rd September 2016
Self Released
Bandcamp: https://xerosun.bandcamp.com/

Recently I made the mistake of missing Dublin metallers, Xerosun, for their set at Mammothfest. In the wake of this, I promised I would check out the quintet’s most recent EP, ‘This Dark Rage’. To be blunt, the only thing I am disappointed in was my decision to not catch the band perform live when I had the opportunity.

Xerosun combines an eclectic mix of metal influences, from death metal to symphonic. The five-piece produce a melodic, powerful and aggressive sound, an initial reaction would be a crossover sound between the likes of Arch Enemy and Nightwish. A song such as ‘The Mother of Morality’ showcases this at its best, producing a mixture of savagely gruesome vocals counteracted by some angelic cleans. An onslaught of crunchy grooves and to top it off there is a layer of synth melodies that provide a somewhat creepy atmosphere.

Opener and title track ‘This Dark Rage’ set the tone from the start, though. Those gruesome vocals kick the EP off with a demonic growl, “IN THE NAME OF GOD”. This launches us into a slow but deep headbang. The tone is evil, even the soft clean singing vocals don’t change the dynamic a great deal, they just create an anthemic feel to the chorus, adding a depth and a bigger sensation. It’s a pure headbanger with killer riffs and a barrage of double pedal beats to get us going.

‘Anatomy Of A Lie’ unleashes more of a melodic side to open up with. Whiney solo-esque, heavy metal influenced guitar hooks placed on top of the furious riffs in the opening segment shows the intricate talent Xerosun can produce. The verse remains as vicious as the opening track, but the chorus delves deeper into the melodically anthemic. Synths ooze into the background as Martyna Halas-Yeates‘ powerful singing voices steals your attention. It’s an awesome singalong with a kick-ass closing piece. Heavy as fuck riffs, I dare you not to headbang to that outro.

The heaviest outro then leads into another bad tempered intro during, ‘I Spared Hundreds’. A higher tempo barrage of distorted riffs floods the opening with ghastly shouts and more atmospheric sound effects to give the song a much “bigger” vibe. The heavy meets melodic dynamic once again flourishes as each side pushes to the extreme, the guitars and beats are stronger, and well balanced against the ever growing more dominant singing choruses.

For an EP, ‘This Dark Rage’ feels more like an album, five songs in half hour is longer more than you might expect. This is not a bad thing and it certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome. While there is diversity within each song, the formula remains somewhat the same for each song. Kick some ass at the beginning and then wow us in the chorus, it becomes a bit predictable as each song get heavier and more melodic at the same time.

That predictability is the only negative thing I can take away from a very talented collection of songs. It’s a ferocious monster that is somehow rather beautiful. Once again I’m gutted I didn’t stick around to bang my head to these tracks when I had the opportunity

For fans of: Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, The Agonist

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