We caught up with Hastings own Dorey The Wise ahead of their appearance at Zooquarium Festival on Hastings Pier tomorrow….

Broken Arrow: Obviously we’ve had some big names already play on the pier since it’s opening last year, such as Madness, Dizzee Rascal and the upcoming Boyzone gig. Do you see Hastings Rock scene going back to it’s heyday of the 60’s when we featured bands like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and even The Rolling Stones? If so what bands would you like to see/support given the opportunity?

DTW: Absolutely, it’s already beginning to happen! It’s a bit of a dream list but we could certainly all agree on Elbow, Everything Everything, and Gorillaz. The Maccabees would also be awesome but James went to their last ever gig a couple of weeks ago so that can sadly never happen!

“Hopefully it’ll inspire future generations of musicians in what has always been a super talented town…”

Broken Arrow: With pubs opening, closing and constantly rebranding, do you think Hastings Pier has changed Hastings music scene for better or worse?

DTW: For better! The acts that have already been booked speak for themselves and it’s a great flagship venue. Hopefully it’ll inspire future generations of musicians in what has always been a super talented town. It’s important this has a knock on effect with smaller local venues though –  grass roots venues are sadly not in great shape at the moment across the country.

Broken Arrow: How do you find local bands (Hastings and surrounding areas) are being represented with musical events at the pier? Do you think there is enough local bands or do you want to see more? Would you prefer more bigger and potentially international groups?

DTW: The larger acts are obviously important for the Pier and the town’s profile but we’re always happy to see more action from local acts. It’s still early days with the Pier and we’ve already seen Matilda’s Scoundrels support the Levellers and things like this fine event!

Broken Arrow: As far as the genres of music being offered for live events, would you rather a wider variety of genres, or just a particular kind of music??

DTW: We’d always like to see as many genres as possible! Musical tastes within this band differ quite a bit so it would please our diverse ears!

Broken Arrow: If you could craft your own line up of 5 currently touring bands to play Hastings Pier next Summer, who would it be and why?

DTW: Alibi – keeping it local.

Everything Everything – Genre busting and upbeat.

Biffy Clyro – this would get Chris pretty excited.

Elbow – this would get Aidan pretty excited.

Radiohead – because why wouldn’t you?

Broken Arrow: What bands are you most looking forward to watching at Zooquarium? 

DTW: Tough question but probably Someone Anyone, Alibi and Kid Kapichi. All great bands we’ve played with in the past. Will probably also check out Rat Boy too!

Looking forward to it guys!

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